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Most latest and significantly useful way of trade prevailing in market is Global B2b Marketplace. It is a trade portal through which buyers and suppliers of various goods and services come together in a virtual trade show. These trade shows are conducted as either regular trade shows or online trade shows.

The companies today jointly are coming with this concept of fusing at a common place for the convenience of each other. The primary focus is to facilitate trade at various levels i.e.
• Manufacturing level
• Import level
• Export level
• Wholesale level

It is a two way process in which the buyers will find the worlds most reputable suppliers and vice versa at one common ground.

Buyers Consideration: Every buyer is in search of supplier who has the capability and the facility to meet his procurement needs. To fulfill these criteria each one is struggling globally. But with the coming of this new concept of trading, it is a blessing to find varied range of suppliers under one roof. The suppliers who match ones consideration can be contacted directly.
In case of online trade shows an email can be triggered when new goods or services listing appears. Benefits of buying including detailed company profile, product information, List of industry association, multiple quotations, etc.

Suppliers Consideration: B2B Marketplace acts like a hub for various suppliers to promote their products by providing detailed information about their offering through catalogs. The more of the displayed visibility translates increased awareness about the company and the potential for entry in untapped markets which inurns increases the sale pattern. It appears like an opportunity for suppliers to get noticed by global buyers through enhanced exposure.

Companies through out the world get themselves registered for such shows. They are required to provide complete information about themselves starting from true name, postal address, phone, fax, e mail address, registration content etc.

Key Points

• Suppliers can provide world class products to their customers at good prices and one can find manufacturers and suppliers that one can trust to deliver best quality at the best price on time.
• It is very cost effective way to connect with the whole lot of trading units throughout the world.
• One may find thousands of credible suppliers to compete for ones business. This makes the quality and price comparison easier and much simpler across the range of suppliers in seconds.
• It is the most appreciable and quickest key to global trade.

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Drive More Customers to Your Booth Through Better Email-Invite Open Rates - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

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A customer/ potential customer email list is a valuable resource when it comes to promoting your presence at a trade show. But with most decision-makers receiving up to 400 emails a day, how do you ensure your message stands out enough to be opened and read?

Make sure your subject line is succinct and clear about what’s contained in the email:
Come See [Insert Company Name] in [BOOTH#] at the 20xx Expo

[Insert New Product/ Service/ Location] to [Launch/ Premier] at the 20xx Expo

Don’t write it in all CAPS; most recipients see all CAPS and think SPAM

Ensure that your company name is prevalent and visible in the «From» area; this will help your recipients recognize and remember you. It will also make it less likely for your company to receive SPAM complaints.
Make sure your email content is clear, concise, informative and to-the-point
Once you’ve come up with some good subject lines, figure which ones work best by engaging in A/B testing:

Take a predetermined number of email addresses and break them into List A and List B. Pick a small round number, like 50 addresses for each list for a total sample size of 100 recipients.
Use a different subject line for each email.
Send both emails and after a certain amount of time (an hour or maybe an hour and a half, stop the email blast.
Look to see which email is receiving more opens. Take the most successful subject line and send it to the remainder of your list.
Once the blast is completed and your analytics are in, change your subject line and send the blast again, minus the opens. Repeat this process until you’ve seen an acceptable open rate for that message.
Sounds spammy, doesn’t it? As long as you’re removing the email addresses of the contacts that have opened your message with each new send, you’re in the clear. Remember: contacts that have not opened your email have no idea they’re receiving the same content because they’ve never laid eyes on your original message.

Looking for more information on what an acceptable open rate is for your industry/ email list size? Or need recommendations on which email marketing service would work best for your company? Check us out on Twitter (@EliLoganTx) Be sure to check out the blog at, and connect.

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Booth Staff for Your Next Trade Show - The Value of Technical Experts

Elijah Logan

When most people think of trade show booth staff, they picture a gaggle of first-rate sales reps. They’re talkative, friendly, knowledgeable professionals who will connect with leads, discover the challenges they face in their businesses and mold product-centric solutions.

There’s no doubt that these folks should be in the booth. But they shouldn’t be alone.
The salesperson described above employs a particular set of techniques that have been successful in the past, but are becoming obsolete in modern business to business sales. These techniques were effective on purchasers who understood the problems their business faced, but didn’t know how to fix them. With endless amounts of product information available online, that’s not the case anymore.
This Corporate Executive Board study found that most B2B customers have completed 60% of a purchasing decision before they open dialogue with potential suppliers.
By that time, most customer have reached an understanding of their problem and, through research, have arrived at a solution. When they do begin speaking with a suppliers, they’re looking for the organization who can most efficiently and cost-effectively implement that solution.

This is where the importance of including technicians-turned-salespeople in your booth is evident. Legitimate purchasers are more likely to have detailed questions and these technicians-turned-salespeople are in a unique position to provide specialized information that paints a picture of fulfillment for potential clients’ existing, self-arrived solution.

Employing a focus on technical information shouldn’t stop at your booth. A study by Gelb Consulting shows that 56% of trade show attendees claim that purchasing decisions resulted from various factors, including the trade show booth. It makes sense if they’re among the 60% referred to above. Including technical sections on your website or publishing white papers in industry publications ensures that the information provided by the technical expert manning your trade show booth is consistent across marketing channels and widely available.

Not only will this technique drive sales and lead conversions from trade shows, it will position your company as an industry expert, which is exactly what savvy industrial buyers are looking for.

Are you a die-hard believer in solution sales? Or is the technique another casualty of the Information Age? Share it in the comments! Be sure to check out the blog at, and connect at @EliLoganTx

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Boost Trade Show Traffic Outside Exhibit Hall - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

To be competitive today, trade show exhibitors not only need to grab attention to their trade show displays inside the exhibit hall but also beyond the exhibit floor.

More and more, creative trade show exhibitors attract crowds to their trade show booth by using nearby venues as a springboard. Attracting attention at neighboring hotels where the trade show visitors are staying or public places where attendees frequent, is a good start. This goes for neighboring restaurants, bus routes, cabs and local night clubs as well.

Increasingly, instead of letting a custom or trade show diplay rental at the expo stand on its own, savvy marketers are adding value by identifying key places outside the trade show to tee up traffic to the trade show display arena.

Event Marketer Magazine spotted three brands that successfully made the tie-in connection to their trade show booth from sites outside the exposition hall.

The first was in Chicago. GE Healthcare launched their campaign, Healthcare Reimagined at the Radiological Society of North America trade show in Chicago in 2005. They were on the lookout for popular locations outside the trade show hall to enhance awareness of their trade show display presence. According to Sean Burke of GE Healthcare’s Diagnostic Imaging and Services, «We were looking for something different that would create word of mouth and buzz.»

The trade show had over 60,000 attendees staying in Chicago. GE came up with the concept of all-white-clad «molecule people» that roamed Chicago sites before and after show hours, in nearby hotels and on the RSNA bus routes, as well as at neighboring restaurants and night clubs.

Wearing branding for GE Healthcare, the all white molecule actors batted around giant inflatable molecule structures and used bubble machines to complete the look and feel of what they wanted to portray. They were able to visually and kinetically capture the health care aspect of GE Diagnostic Imaging. This played directly to the imagery created at their trade show exhibit.

The second was at a consumer oriented show in Washington DC. A month before the Auto Show, Chevrolet started its awareness campaign at sites around the capital city. They set up mini tailgating parties out of the backs of Chevy Silverado Hybrids at construction sites, George Washington University, Home Depot stores and commuter rail stations. Consumers got to drink coffee and play Xbox 360 games. Chevy representatives gave out cards to visitors they could redeem at the trade show for a chance to win a Silverado Hybrid.

Chevy wanted to drive traffic to the trade show display. It worked. The results were measurable and dramatic. Because the scan cards were handed out at dealers and at the tailgate parties, over 20,000 consumers visited the trade show booth or were able to scan their cards with Chevy reps in the convention main lobby. The scan cards brought in 1,900 dealer leads.

The third one was in Las Vegas. That city is a natural for all types of trade show display marketers every hour of the day. At the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas in 2005, Yahoo! wanted to draw attention to a custom auto web site among car enthusiasts. So they decided to customize two Mitsubishis inside their trade show display booth.

To complete their exposure they went outside to showcase their cars on the Las Vegas Strip. Yahoo! hit it big. Knowing that Las Vegas is always wide awake 24/7, they were able to shut down traffic on the Las Vegas Strip at 3 a.m. Even at that time, throngs of people watched their two custom Mitsubishis race down the strip. «We didn’t want to just do a booth and pass things out,» says Bennett Porter Yahoo!’s senior director-buzz marketing. Emulating Frank Sinatra, he continues, «We wanted to do it our way.»

The above are just a few of the examples of how you can use outlying venues to tie into your trade show display.

So let’s say your firm is in the electronics field and you want exposure for your upcoming trade show appearance in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the high tech industry so heavily concentrated in Silicon Valley, California, many of the high tech leaders live there.

There’s Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, Apple Computer Inc. based in Cupertino, eBay based in San Jose, and Google headquartered in Mountain View, to name a few. You can focus on Silicon Valley executives and market to them within close access to Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland, and the Santa Clara and San Jose Conference Centers.

The hotels, restaurants, athletic clubs and other popular sites make them targets for high tech trade show tie in messages once the high tech trade show comes to town.

It’s smart to think outside the trade show exhibit hall box to compound your trade show exhibit investment — Elijah Logan Tx

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Determining the Value of Potential Advertising Channels Online - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Elijah Logan Longview Texas

It’s important for any business to have an online advertising presence. Whether it’s Google AdWords, digital newsletters or industry websites, online visibility is a must in today’s business climate. It’s possible for any-sized business to gain online exposure without breaking the bank through properly evaluating advertising channels and a little Google Ad Words home work.

When you’re evaluating the quality of online advertising channels/ newsletters:

Get information on subscriber/ visitor demographics. In other words, who is visiting the website or receiving the online newsletter? Make sure the readership is in line with your customer base.
How many people visit the site each month? This number will help you determine your cost-per-contact. Just divide the amount you’re spending by the total readership.
Clicks and Click-through Rate: If you’re looking at buying banner space on an online newsletter or digital publication, getting clicks and click-through rate information will help you determine how engaged the readers are with that particular publication. What good is a monstrous readership number if most of them aren’t clicking on anything in the online newsletter?
Do you receive exclusive placement? Most banner ads are shared real estate, which means your ad will be one in a rotation. That effects the number of times your will be served to (or seen by) the readership. That will affect your cost-per-contact number.
Reevaluate cost.Take the total readership and divide it by the number of rotations the space will go through before your ad appears. For example, if your ad is one of ten ads sharing a single space and the website/ online newsletter has a readership of 10,000 your ad will be seen by 1,000 readers instead of the whole 10,000. That new number will dramatically affect your cost-per-contact.
So, what’s an acceptable cost-per-contact rate? It really depends. I know, I know; that answer seems like a cop-out. It’s not. If you’ve found a medium that effectively targets your customer base (especially if you have a product that serves a niche market) and if it reaches the people within that market that can make or influence purchasing decisions, a high cost-per-contact may be absolutely worth it. That’s why investing a little time in qualifying potential adverting channels is worth a try.
Next week’s post will cover information on Google AdWords and how to customize a campaign that delivers results and makes the most of your investment. To get a head-start, check out Google AdWords’ extremely helpful FAQ section at
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Hosted Buyer Event Strategies - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Hosted Buyer Event Strategies

1. Stand-alone: Create a new hosted/appointment-based event held in a unique destination environment.
2. In-show event: Create structured buyer-seller interaction in dedicated meeting spaces at your existing event, and generate additional revenue.
3. Co-located: Target a unique audience demographic by holding your hosted event at the same time and in the same city as another event. This can create crossover attendance and sponsorship opportunities.
Appointment-Based Hosted Buyer Model: A Different Value Proposition
Hosted-buyer events vary in a number of ways from traditional exhibitions:
1. Unique audience model: At a hosted-buyer event, the audience is prequalified and, typically, hosted (paid for) fully or partially.
2. Unique «supplier» model: «Supplier» vs. exhibitor. Suppliers are prequalified.
3. Unique business model: Event staff sells appointments versus booths.
4. Eliminate traditional uncertainty: A hosted-buyer event has a known quantity and quality of attendees. No «hoping» the best buyers will show up.
5. Go straight to desired result: Buyers networking face-to-face with high-quality vendors.
How to Get Participants
Because these events are usually smaller (with a limited number of buyers and sellers) than traditional shows, marketing must be done differently. Here are best practices for bringing the best buyers and sellers together:
1. Network one-to-one: Work one-on-one in a service fashion, developing relationships and learning about the specific business-development requirements of targeted attendees (buyers), and help identify solutions that your clients (sellers) can provide.
2. Use multiple contact methods: Contact individuals directly via phone and e-mail. Do not mass market.
3. Engage individuals online: Social media marketing can be used to generate brand engagement and produce additional leads.

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How to Build A Social Media Strategy - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Social Media Expert Elijah Logan

Ask Yourself These Questions
Stahl suggests that, in developing your social media strategy, you ask yourself the following:
1. WHAT formats are we going to use? (Blogs, video, charts.)
2. WHY does anyone care about what we’re doing?
3. WHY does this provide business value?
4. HOW are we going to deliver the message? (What are the best social media platforms for reaching your audience?)
5. HOW should we say it? (Tone of voice.)
6. WHERE will we get the content?
7. WHERE can we syndicate the content?
8. WHEN will content be published?
9. WHEN will it need to be updated (and how frequently)? Set expectations. (For example, Twitter: one to two tweets per week starting six months in advance of your event, and three to four tweets per week from two months out.)
10. WHO is responsible for the content? Assign content to the appropriate parties, and assign someone to oversee the efforts.
11. WHO will maintain it over time?
Where Will We Get the Content?
An integral part of your strategy will be in determining what content you are going to post and where your social media team will get the content. Stahl suggests these areas are among the most valuable content sources:
1. Editorial: Magazine and online news.
2. Marketing and public relations: Printed pieces, website, and industry and event news.
3. Educational/learning: Session tracks and speakers.
4. Show-logistics updates.
More Hands-On Tips
1. Tweet each new speaker you book, using the speaker’s or his/her company’s Twitter handle to alert them of the tweet; Encourage all speakers to retweet your announcement (most will anyway). Also, tag them on Facebook mentions and via other social media channels you use. This can significantly expand your reach and expose your speakers’ followers to your show.
2. Tweet every exhibitor and sponsor you sign on, using the company’s Twitter handle. Same idea as above.
3. Organize Facebook chats or Twitter chats with select speakers; promote them to your audience via social media and e-mail alerts. Ensure that the chats include information your audience will find valuable.
4. Conduct Q&As with select speakers, providing information and teasing (soft-sell) the upcoming session and event. Publish it online and promote it via social media channels.
5. Conduct Q&As with select exhibitors and sponsors about emerging products and trends among their clients. Be sure these are not sales pitches.
6. Encourage your speakers and vendors to use their social media channels to promote their participation in your events. Provide them with event hashtags (e.g., #growyourshow) and industry hashtags (e.g., #expochat), as well as the event URL. Tell them how to shorten links (or better yet, provide shortened links).
7. Determine the leading tweeters (or people on other platforms) and bloggers in your industry and invite them as guests to your show to tweet and/or blog about it.

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Before You Take On Email Marketing - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

By Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote businesses online. Millions of online marketers are using email marketing in order to promote their products and services. This is very easy considering that you can send a vast number of email to millions of individuals all the same time. This kind of marketing approach is also convenient because you can work on your approach from anywhere and anytime. In this type of marketing strategy, all that you need are list of email addresses that you can email. More conveniently, you can choose to direct your email to certain number of people who are interested in one subject than the other. You can create or draft a good sales letter and have people visited your website where they can get to purchase or encourage them to purchase something.
The problem with email marketing, however, is that business owners or operators make certain mistakes when promoting their product or services. It’s the same with other types of marketing strategies. But with email marketing, the flaws can easily lead your potential customers to an incorrect route. Instead of being able to digest the information you share with them, they could be led to other sites they don’t care about. Or worse, they’d get dead links. These are two things that irk any website visitor. So you would want to only give them the best email marketing moves that would make them consider your business a reliable source of information and good things. The effectiveness of email marketing will only become right if your customers become interested enough to stay and browse within your website.
Most people do not want to be treated as if they were sent a generic sales letter. Some business owners take the time to actually write sales letters that have target specific themes and send them to a specific number of individuals. This kind of email marketing however, usually takes a long time. In order to compensate some business owners also send bulk emails to potential customers. In order to make your email marketing strategy effective however, you should start with learning how to reach out to your clients both ways.
There are at least two kinds of email marketing. You will basically need to utilize both ways in order to ensure that you get the best results in your efforts. First, there’s transactional email marketing. This is a target specific strategy that focuses on short term goals. It is designed to hit low hanging prospects. This transactional email marketing is often used as a promotional tool for product launch and announcements. In short, transactional email is to acquire new customers. It is also a good way to retain old customers by providing new promotions to products and services. Transactional email marketing makes use of content that is focused on reaching as many customers as possible.
The other type is called relationship email marketing where it’s focused on quality and two-way relationship. Relationship email marketing is oftentimes based on managing and interacting with customers. You will notice this kind of email marketing since it allows interacting and customizing through customer relationship management. This means you can expect small responses from customers and provide them answers while subtly promoting your website. This is more likely to be very effective but it painstakingly long. Relationship email marketing allows the business to concentrate and learn what the customer needs and requires.
Depending on the kind of business that you have, you can utilize both email marketing strategies to ensure better results with your efforts.

Plan Your Internet Marketing Process - Elijah Logan Longview Texas

Whether you are a one-map operation of a vast corporation (or any business operation that falls between the two), you need to plan your Internet marketing process if you are going to have any kind of benefit derived from your marketing efforts. The bigger a business grows the more elaborate and sophisticated the marketing tools become. The thing is that these tools can help anyone but unless you are on the larger side of the business pool, you probably cannot hire twenty people to analyze the global market and present a report telling you exactly where your business is, where the competitors are, what they are doing, what you need to do, how to do it, and how much it will cost for how long.

However, just because it sounds so intimidating does not mean that you can it without further thought. You do not need an army of marketing gurus in order to plan your Internet marketing process. All it needs a little common sense and business acumen, both of which can be acquired through education, training, and experience.

The best to go in case you are new to the whole Internet marketing game is to do what is known as «micro level planning». Micro planning is a good way to knowing exactly where you are and where you wish to go from here.

Here is how to plan your Internet marketing process using micro planning.

Being by asking yourself a simple question: Why are you marketing on the Internet anyway? Is it to increase public awareness, to increase sales, just to build a community, or all three? Then you should note down how much of your marketing efforts would be online and how much time you intend to spend on online marketing tasks.

There are many strategies to help you plan your Internet marketing process. Make a checklist of the ones that you would like to use including but not limited to Forums, eBooks, Newsletters, Contests, Banners, Articles, and Viral Marketing.

What type of analysis will your marketing be subjected to? What is the return on investment that you expect and how are you going to monitor it? What is your annual internet marketing budget and how will this be divided among the various marketing strategies that you have selected?

Timelines are equally important because they help you to set milestones. Without timelines you are in constant danger or falling behind or getting confused within your plan for Internet marketing. Keep a strict note for dates and time all projects.

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